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In times like these, we need our community. 


We need women who lift us up, remind us of what we’re capable of, and hold a greater vision for us all. 


But we also need to feel supported.

We need a place we can be vulnerable, and reach out when we feel overwhelmed.


We need a place to come home to. 


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Throughout history, mothers have been the ultimate warriors in these times. 


The Great Depression, the World Wars, Pandemics, and Crises: 


Women and mothers have banded together, taken over, tapped into an inner resource that they didn’t even know existed. 

They have been the rock, the grace, the compassion, and the strong ones. 


But here’s the thing to remember… 


They did it together.

We’re being asked to be that Space Holder again... 


To return home with our babies while ensuring our parents and our community are supported. 



We need to do this together again. 



Even from our isolation.


Especially from our isolation.

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Welcome to 'Returning Home'


A community for mamas around the globe

and an invitation to give ourselves what we most need: 

A chance to re-set... and then RISE. 

‘Returning Home’ is a 4 week pop-up membership OPEN NOW for mamas around the globe who would like support, inspiration, and community as they are challenged to be the Space Holder for so many. 


Bringing together world leaders in slowing down, the power of the feminine, wellbeing and mindfulness, and motherhood, we will create a place for you to feel empowered to navigate these challenging times. 




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Kate Northrup

International Best-Selling author, podcast host and mama, Kate Northrup, will share her insights from her phenomenal book ‘Do Less’ on how we can balance motherhood with all we need to do right now, and surrender our attachment to busyness.

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Brooke McAlary

International Best-Selling author and host of the world-wide hit podcast ‘Slow’, Brooke McAlary, on slowing down, simplifying, getting clear on what’s most important, and honouring ourselves in this time.


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Amy Cox

Leading play expert and creator of Playful Families, Amy Cox, on how to create joyful play with your kids at home without the overwhelm and perfectionism instagram tells us we need to have right now.



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Georgia Harding

Naturopath and creator of the online sensation ‘Well Nourished’, Georgia Harding, on how to create nourishing meals that support our immune system and nervous system but is mindful of limited trips to the grocery store.


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Amy Molly

Plus a bonus live call with the author of ‘The World is a Nice Place’, Amy Molloy, on healing anxiety, trauma and overwhelm in these times, and returning to a place of knowing ‘all is ok’.


closing Friday 27th March 

$19 a week for four weeks



one payment of $72

Research shows that during times of national crisis, the rates of domestic violence significantly increase. Many families will suffer greatly over the coming weeks and months. Many will feel afraid and unsafe. 

Whilst many of us feel privileged that we can stay at home and care for those we love, the reality is - 

There are many women who’s lives will be impacted negatively by this isolation. 

This community is both for all women to feel supported and safe, and to also ensure we are supporting those we can’t reach right now. 


With that in mind, 20% of profits from the 'Returning Home Pop-Up Membership' will be donated to Lifeline Australia.  

Imagine for a moment this was your chance to have the Fourth Trimester all over again?


Imagine if this was the Universe's way of slowing you down, healing you, bringing you back to the most simple of abundances?


Imagine if this could be your chance to really come HOME to yourself? 

We've been craving a more simple pace. 


We've been wanting to be more calm, more connected with our family, more aware of our thoughts and energy. 


But what we've really been asking for is a RETURN HOME. 



In this 4 week membership you will: 

- learn how to stay calm, no matter what is going on around you (and it's going to get full on) 

- be guided in how to create a feeling of space and joy in your home, even when you're all staying in doors 

- be inspired by a community of truly amazing mamas all committed to rise through this with grace

- gather together to meditate, to laugh, to share ideas, to remind yourself everything is going to be ok. 


Included in the 4 weeks: 

- 5 day program on staying calm

- Meditation library of 3-5 minute meditations to reset your mood and mind

- 3 x ebooks on using essential oils, creating easy healthy meals, and clearing negative energy

- weekly live group call and support

- 5 live expert calls (recorded to listen later)

- weekly live meditation to heal you, and our planet.

- plus community like no other. 

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In preparing for this membership, I reached out to my own community of mamas, a community I have slowly been building over the past few years. 

And of course, they’ve responded in the most profound way. 


Over the course of the 4 weeks in our closed Facebook Community, these divine mamas from around the world will be sharing with you: 


  • An online Yin Yoga class for healing of the nervous system

  • Recipes and rituals from the ancient healing wisdom of Ayurveda 

  • EFT/Tapping techniques to clear anxiety or fear and come back to peace 

  • Essential oil suggestions to create sanctuary in your home and in your mind and body

  • And so much more! 


This is how we rise, mamas. 


Join by Monday 23rd March to be a part of this revolutionary support system for mamas around the world.

$19 per week


One payment of $72

Want to share this with a mama? 

Want to gift it to a friend who really needs it? 

We understand. 

That's what we love about this community. 


Purchase 'Returning Home' for yourself and another mama for just $111. 

Simply sign up and follow the instructions in the receipt to send us her email address, and you can support each other - 


even if you can't physically see each other right now. 


One for me and one for a friend for $111

Somewhere within us is the ancient woman, the original woman

The original warrior, and lover, and space holder, and mama. 


The original feminine. 


We are going to need to call on her now - 

call on the wisdom, knowledge, power and deep love that is in our DNA. 


This is our time. 


Together, we will Return Home to this place within us that KNOWS... 


and rise together. 

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Especially curated for mamas, this membership will give you everything you need to tap into that inner state of grace:


  • - Meditations 

  • - Rituals 

  • - Play Ideas 

  • - Group Online Gatherings

  • - Yoga 

  • - EFT and Energy Support 

  • - Recipes

  • - Community 


All online. 

All supportive. 

OPEN NOW until Friday 27th March. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking back... 


we will see that this was the turning point. 


This was the time we finally dropped all the busy-ness and comparison, and came together as ONE. 


As women, and as mamas. 


And we will see that this was what we were meant to do all along.