Happy Mama Mindful Meditations


The Happy Mama Mindful Meditations pack is a collection of 4 audio meditations in the style and focus that have worked for me. They are also the meditations that I used throughout my hugely successful and life-changing online course in 2014, the Reconnect Program.

 “How do I start to meditate?”

It’s one of the most common questions I’m asked. We know we want to slow down that voice in our head, begin to find some peace, and start to connect to that inner wisdom we know is buried in there somewhere, but meditation just seems so… foreign. 

Do I have to sit in the lotus position?

Should I be chanting?

Do I have to do it for hours to get any benefit? 

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Honouring the Mama & the Woman Meditation Pack


Honouring the Mama and the Woman is a collection of four meditations chosen to balance your nervous system, allow you to slow down, switch off the Fight or Flight response, and be grateful for this time in your life. Each one includes a short guided visualisation and relaxation set to beautiful music – all at the very-manageable length of 10-12 minutes.

They are perfect for the total beginner, OR a Mama who has dabbled in meditation but has never been able to make it a part of her life.

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Mama Rising

- the book

As someone who used to put herself last — doing everything she thought was ‘right’ for her children and family while relentlessly pursuing her 'dream career'  — Amy understands first-hand the overwhelm and complex range of emotions that modern mothers face. 

Having dedicated herself to more than a decade of asking 'what happens to a woman when she becomes a mother?', Amy’s background as a journalist set her on the path to uncover all that she could about the latest research on matrescence. 

Bringing together extensive research, interviews, insights from thousands of mamas, and Amy’s own struggles with balancing motherhood and her dreams, Mama Rising will help you see matrescence as your chance to redefine who you are, and allow you to be the mama and woman you long to be.

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"Since starting on this journey with you and practicing meditation, I am much calmer inside – physically, emotionally and mentally. I have stopped fighting against the situation I find myself in at the moment and accepted it for what it is. I have also stopped clock-watching in the evenings and stressing thinking about everything I have to do before going to bed, and instead can enjoy my time with my little girl and even cook a proper meal!"

"My thought patterns are changing. My life feels happier. I am full of energy and I am actually getting healthier and on the road to being cured. I now meditate, do yoga and go to the gym."

"I’m calmer, happier, and I can see myself getting worked up before I explode therefore I can fix it. My kids are listening better because I yell and nag less. I am nicer to my husband. I worry less about things that drove me to insanity before."

"I just have to say, no matter how many other meditations I try I always come back to yours. You are providing such a gift to women all around the world. I hope today, and everyday - you walk with joy in your heart knowing you are making people’s lives better. With thanks and love xx"


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