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This is not a usual end-of-year program and reflection. This has not been a usual year.

We’re not going to do goal-setting.

There will be no 5-year plans. 

What we’re going to do is return to simple, powerful practices that honour the rites of passage of womanhood…

A marking of the moments that challenged us, 

A grieving of the dreams and beliefs we lost,

A remembering of the passage of time and the gift of growth, 

A reflection on what’s important.
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In motherhood, there is a phenomenon known as “Postnatal Depletion”.

First coined by Dr Oscar Serrallach, it acknowledges that pregnancy, birth, feeding, hormonal and brain changes, and sleep interruptions all contribute to a depletion within the body. 

It’s the understanding that motherhood, in all of its glory and mess, has an effect on us…

And that effect must be held sacred. It must be seen, felt, and then healed.

Otherwise, it stays with us long after it should, depleting us on many levels. 

I believe that we have a Post-Pandemic Depletion amongst mothers now, too.

Perhaps even a Post-2020 Depletion.

On a global scale, we are seeing mothers exhausted from trying to balance remote learning, lockdown, and fear, with their own personal challenges. 

We have had a year of some of the biggest issues in the history of our time - bushfires, COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, countries divided - all while we’ve been trying to keep our babies healthy and learning, and maintain our own jobs. 

And if we don’t address this now…

The effects of it will stay with us long after they should, depleting us on many levels.

So what do we do?

We must hold what we have been through sacred. It must be seen, felt, and then healed.


What if, instead of declaring to the world what 2021 will look like, you took this time to go inward…

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So you can then renew?

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What if this was your annual ritual of renewal? 

What if there was a way to end this momentous year with ancient practices that remind you:

You are a warrior.

Look what you’ve been through. 

It’s time to gather yourself together again, remember who you are,

And walk forward whole and ready.


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  • Two ebooks with worksheets/space to write, 
  • A releasing 2020 visualisation practice 
  • A brand new 5-minute meditation practice to support you through Christmas, the new year, school holidays, and day-to-day overwhelm 
  • A kundalini video practice for anger and surrender you can use over and over again
  • A comprehensive list of rituals you can bring into your new year to honour yourself as a mama and a woman 
  • A video training on the masculine and feminine energy, and what they both need after the year we’ve had

Enrolment closes 8th January, 2021.

It’s your village and circle of women.

This is your accountability.

It’s your chance to make sure you

really do honour all.

Running from the 11th - 16th January, 2021, we will gather on Zoom and workshop, live, together:

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Day 1 - Health

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Day 2 - Home

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Day 3 - Motherhood

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Day 4 - Connection and Relationships

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Day 5 - Purpose and Creativity

30 minutes a day for 5 days.

Enrolment closes 8th January, 2021.

You have the workbook,
you come to the call, we do it together.

Side by Side.

Releasing and renewing.

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Join now!



  • Single Payment

Enrolment closes 8th January, 2021.

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A resource that will walk you through rituals and practices, and give you the coaching and accountability to really honour yourself in motherhood and womanhood.

What an amazing program! Thank you so much.

Reflecting is so powerful and I soulfully agree that women (and men) need ritual and connection in their lives to be happy and healthy.

This experience was so enriching and now instead of having a hard year, I can celebrate the amazing lessons I’ve learned.


This program is exactly what I needed at the end of this year.  I've already had tears of self-forgiveness, ah ha moments and I feel excited about what I can do with this guidance!



I have only just started the end of year process but thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! You didn't warn me to bring tissues to the meditation - I am not one to cry at the drop of a hat but that made me weep and my heart physically ached. This is exactly what I need.


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A woman must be allowed to pause and reflect on where her life has brought her, and where it is taking her.


If she is not allowed this, resentment rises. 


A woman must be given space and time to dive into her thoughts, and find what is truly there. 


If she is not given this, she lives believing that the inner mean voice that is judging and pushing her is her truth.

A woman must be honoured, and her sacrifices acknowledged, if she is to truly emerge whole.

It is time for you to honour all you’ve been through, and emerge renewed.

Join Renew now.

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