It’s time to redefine what it means to be a mother and a woman.

Let me tell you a story, if I may…

There once was a little girl who was born into an era of possibility. She was told she could do anything, she was encouraged to think bigger than her mother or grandmothers before her. 

And she believed them.

As she grew, she looked around and saw women rushing, always rushing. 

Happiness seemed to come from competing and winning…

There was a race going on, and to be the best, she’d better keep up. 

So she did. As much as she could. 

She followed the rules, 

She thought she was on track,

She was on her way. 

As far as the world was concerned, she was a ‘success’.

But then,

something happened…

Something that had never really been spoken about in those early days of ambition and glass-ceiling discussions. 

Something that, in many ways, was overlooked in all the education and conversations she’d had as a young girl and woman: 

It was the stirrings of motherhood. 

A little embryo of a longing to create a life. A desire to soften into the space of motherhood. 

And it began to change everything. 

She began to feel differently about her work and lifestyle. 

She started to question ‘is this all there is’? 

The pace of her life began to feel a little too much, and she began to long for things she’d dismissed earlier in life… 


She didn’t completely recognise the change that had begun within her, but it pulled her towards motherhood with its own force, until, there she was:

a mama.


She thought she was prepared. 

She’d read the books, done the birth classes, bought the stuff. 

After all, she was a modern woman! 

She can do this, right? 

It’s meant to come naturally. 

But it didn’t. Not all of it. 

There were times when she felt like she was drowning, and she wondered if she could do it. 

She questioned herself more than she ever had before. 

She doubted herself daily.

Of course, she loved her child. 

But there was something else. She couldn’t quite describe it to anyone… 

But it was there.

This inner split of who she used to be, and a mother.

And then, the world sped up and the pressure began to build. 

There was always so much to do.

How does she balance her work and her family? 

Why is everything her responsibility? 

Why can’t she have a moment to herself? 

How is she going to do it all?

And instead of listening to those inner questions, and heeding the warning signs her body kept sending, she pushed on. 

Because surely…

This is what ‘having it all’ looks like?

Surely this was

the dream?

Without realising it, we’ve been following the rules of motherhood and womanhood that were written without our consent. 

We’ve been going along the path of ‘success’, trying to be a good mother and a good woman, without realising that from the very beginning, ‘success’ means we often feel like we’re not doing enough. 

You know this to be true because you’ve felt it too.

But the reason you feel this way is because 


Our culture and society have not understood what happens to a woman when she becomes a mother (otherwise known as matrescence)


We’ve been following along with the rules of motherhood and womanhood that are outdated and toxic.


It’s time to redefine it all.

ATK-Redefine-Program-Mockup-2 copy

Welcome to Redefine

the 8 week online exploration of what it means to be a mother and woman that empowers you instead of depletes you.

This is not just another online course you click on every now and then. 

This is a two month study of womanhood and motherhood like no other.


Redefine will have you considering your story of motherhood and where it came from. 

It will encourage you to look at how motherhood has changed your ideas of who you are, and what you want in life. 

It will break down the cultural assumptions you’re carrying, and invite you to define motherhood, love, success and happiness your own way. 

It will see you shedding tears along with the grief of losing yourself in the process of becoming a mother… 

And then allow you to celebrate and rise into the woman you always hoped you'd become.

Because matrescence is more than just a hormonal change post-baby… 

It’s an invitation to...

completely redefine yourself.


REDEFINE starts 7th June

This is the final intake for 2021

One Payment of $497 AUD

two monthly payments of $250 AUD



"You have changed so much for me. I have searched for a program/method for so long and I was giving up hope that anything would help me. This is just amazing for all the Mumma's out there. You are truly unique xx.”

- Jasmin

“I just wanted to tell you that I’ve just managed to write the letter to myself, and wow - I cannot believe how powerful this exercise was. I’m actually crying. I think it’s taken me a bit of time to really start to comprehend what we’re doing here, but this really helped me. I imagined talking to myself as a young child and realised just how ingrained some of my stories are, so deep routed as to who I am.

So I just wanted to say thank you. I thought you’d changed my life after reconnect - but I now realise you were only just getting started.”

- Emma

"This has been such an incredible program. Thank you!

My husband has even told me he has noticed a difference in me."

- Michelle

“This is the most inspiring thing I’ve read this year! Thank you beautiful Amy x”

- Katharine

Yes! I love this Amy, it totally sums up that loss of sense of self & trying to find it again after becoming a mother. Your Refine program was honestly the integral part of my healing process, it really did help me to redefine who I am now, to figure out who I am now after all that came with the first few years of motherhood for me. Best wishes to all the mamas out there embarking on this journey with you to redefine themselves 😘”

- Sarah  


But you can tap into it now...


Your study of motherhood and womanhood includes:

  • Ground-breaking insights into motherhood that will put everything you’ve been feeling into context, and help you see another way… 
  • Guided meditations and daily practices that are proven to rewire the way you think about yourself, help you make clearer and better decisions, and help you stay calm no matter what… 
  • World-leading coaching to help you push past those stories that are keeping you feeling like it’s all up to you, and bring you closer to the mama you want to be… 
  • The circle of women you’ve been craving - your village, your tribe.


ATK - Redefine Icons V01_Icon 01

What it means to be a ‘good mother’

ATK - Redefine Icons V01_Icon 02

How to not lose yourself in motherhood, no matter what stage of babies or children you’re at

ATK - Redefine Icons V01_Icon 03

How to feel acknowledged and valued in your family and your work without needing everyone else to ‘celebrate you’ all the time

ATK - Redefine Icons V01_Icon 04

How to slow down, let go of the need to control, and enjoy your kids

ATK - Redefine Icons V01_Icon 05

Reconnect to yourself, explore what makes you happy now, and do so without guilt

ATK - Redefine Icons V01_Icon 06

And forgive yourself for not getting it ‘right’

We will do this through

ATK - Redefine Icons V01_Icon - Meditation
ATK - Redefine Icons V01_Icon - Live Coaching
ATK - Redefine Icons V01_Icon - Community
ATK - Redefine Icons V01_Icon - Rituals of Womanhood
ATK - Redefine Icons V01_Icon - Yoga
ATK - Redefine Icons V01_Icon - Support

This is the final intake for 2021



REDEFINE starts 7th June

This is the final intake for 2021

One Payment of $497 AUD

two monthly payments of $250 AUD



"Thank you from the depth of my heart and soul.

I can’t thank you enough for this amazing program. My experience has been extremely nourishing to my mind, body, heart and soul. I actually feel alive and excited for the first time in years. It’s like I have received the golden ticket! 

I want you to know how much Redefine has cracked me open and made me feel so much, I have been craving this knowledge and affirmation of self for many, many years. I can’t believe I haven’t come across this sooner? 

Amy, Redefine has changed me and I am eternally grateful to you and your team for encouraging me to participate.

- Amanda

First of all, I would like to say a big THANK YOU!

Although I was dealing with personal development for many years, after I became a mother, everything changed and I felt so lost. All that I had learnt so far was not helping me at all. After I stumbled upon your book Mama Rising, I felt great relief and everything started to make sense. I definitely wanted to know more about matrescence and how it is affecting my life, so I signed up for the Redefine course. And I am so grateful I did! I am so grateful to you for your wise and kind coaching. I am grateful to your team for their support, and to all the beautiful mothers in our inspiring group. I am grateful for the kundalini meditation practices that I have enjoyed so much! I am grateful for showing up the best I could. It was only 8 weeks, but my life is definitely transformed and redefined at all levels. I not only feel more anchored in my role as a mother, but I also understand better my femininity, and I am no longer ashamed for it. Life transformation is a journey that never ends, but thanks to the Redefine course I have leapt miles forward.

- Jana

"This is by far one of the best courses I have ever done. Amy is an incredible facilitator and always makes each and every participant feel seen and heard. The daily Kundalini meditations have been an absolute game changer. They have now become a part of my daily morning routine and they set the scene for the rest of my day and make me feel much more at peace. As someone who has been through significant trauma including major depression and divorce, in 8 short weeks, I have been able to move through these experiences with grace and now feel like I am in the best and happiest place I have ever been. I am much more relaxed and connected with myself and my family and am definitely a Redefined / upgraded version of myself. Amy and her wonderful team have had such a profound impact on my life. Thank you Amy from the bottom of my heart, for this truly amazing program."

- Nicky


Your Host:

Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

Amy is a writer, producer, speaker and mama of three. After more than a decade covering breaking news and current affairs for the ABC around the country, her 'traditional' career took an unexpected turn when she found herself lost, overwhelmed and diagnosed with a thyroid condition after the birth of her first daughter. 

Eleven years - and two more babies - later, she is now the author of the best-selling 'Mama Rising’ (Hay House), the host of the The Happy Mama Movement’ podcast (with more than 300,000 downloads), runs numerous online programs for mothers all over the world, is an international award-winning coach, and trains women passionate about supporting mothers in matrescence.

What if you could feel empowered and clear on your priorities, and speak them with confidence instead of screaming? 

What if you could free yourself from the martyr energy that so many mothers carry? 

What if this is your chance - OUR chance - to change the way things are done, not just for us as women, but for our kids? 

What if instead of feeling pulled in every direction and struggling to stay on top of everything, you could completely revolutionise the way you feel about being a mama and a woman?


What if you could feel like a whole woman again?


REDEFINE starts 7th June

This is the final intake for 2021

One Payment of $497 AUD

two monthly payments of $250 AUD