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Happy Mama

Mindful Meditations

The Happy Mama Mindful Meditations pack is a collection of 4 audio meditations in the style and focus that have worked for me. They are also the meditations that I used throughout my hugely successful and life-changing online course in 2014, the Reconnect Program.

“How do I start to meditate?”

It’s one of the most common questions I’m asked. We know we want to slow down that voice in our head, begin to find some peace, and start to connect to that inner wisdom we know is buried in there somewhere, but meditation just seems so… foreign.

Do I have to sit in the lotus position?

Should I be chanting?

Do I have to do it for hours to get any benefit?

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The short answer to that Especially when you are

a busy mama.

Meditation is simply the act of focusing on one thought, to the exclusion of all others.

It’s trying to get past the ‘thinking mind’, (or in our cases, the overthinking mind) and into a deeper state of awareness.

Training our minds to focus on one thing.

connecting with our spirit.

it's peace.

My journey with meditation has been a long and bumpy road. As a journalist specializing in spirituality and wellbeing, I’d written about its benefits – a lot.

As a yoga student, I’d experimented with it at the end of a class. And as a self-care blogger, I’d told other people how important it is.

But had I made it a part of my daily life? Nope.

That is, until my life got so crazy, I found myself desperately searching google for meditations for relaxation from my hospital bed, 28 weeks pregnant and in pre-term labour.

Finally, I knew what I had to do.

Over the coming weeks, as I was restricted to couch-rest, meditation became my sanity. I spent days reading about chakras, mantras and breathing techniques.

I spent hours connecting with my inner goddess, understanding my Shakti energy, and embracing my spirit.

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and I started to meditate.

Since that moment, my life has changed. I know you’ve heard that so many times – that meditation changes your life – but I’m hear to tell you, sweet Mama, that this is the tool you’ve been searching for.

This is the key to your happiness.

The key to being kinder to yourself. The key to be a calmer Mama, a more connected partner, your best self.

Mindful Meditations

what do you get?

The four meditations that make up this Mindful Meditation Pack are a collection of the styles and focus that have worked for me. They are also the meditations I used throughout my hugely successful and life-changing online Reconnect Program in 2014.

Thanks to these meditations, I saw Mamas finally start to slow down. I witnessed Mamas stop yelling at their kids, and start finding ways to be kind to themselves.

Here’s just some of what they had to say…

“These meditations are just amazing. They are the perfect length and are really reusable.” 

“For me as a beginner they were a perfect length…if they had been longer it would have freaked me out! I found them a great way to introduce someone to meditating in a positive way without being too much too quickly.”

“I totally LOVED the meditation! Your soothing voice, joyful words and the visualisation of my favourite place is a blissful experience each and everytime.”

“Amazing.I’ve set them up as a permanent link on the iPad, and I listen to them every day.”

“As a meditation newbie who struggles to wind down I have found the meditations fantastic.I’ve progressed to meditations that aren’t as heavily guided now and still refer back now and then to get my ‘Amy-fix’.”

what are they all about?

There are four meditations in this pack, all focused on a different area of your life. Each one has a similar style, which includes my voice, a short guided visualisation and relaxation, a mantra, and five minutes of music to help you deepen your practice. All at the very-manageable length of 10-12 minutes.

They are perfect for the total beginner, OR a Mama who has dabbled in meditation but has never been able to make it a part of her life.

The four meditations are:

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Loving Kindness

to help you start practicing kindness towards yourself in all situations, stop the comparisons, and view each situation with love.

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Rebuild & Reconnect

to help you learn to love and nourish your body, and be grateful for all it does for you everyday – including the miracle of motherhood.

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to help you focus on how strong you are now you are a Mama, and connect with your inner wisdom and power.

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to help you embrace all the joy and wonder of this journey, and start to be a truly happy mama.

"I'm calmer, happier, and I can see myself getting worked up before I explode, therefore, I can fix it. My kids are listening better because I yell and nag less. I am nicer to my husband. I worry less about things that drove me to insanity before."

"Since starting on this journey with you and practicing meditation, I am calmer inside - physically, emotionally and mentally. I have stopped fighting against the situation I find myself in at the moment and accepted it for what it is. I have also stopped clock-watching in the evenings and stressing thinking about everything I have to do before going to bed, and instead can enjoy my time with my little girl and even cook a proper meal!"

"My thought patterns are changing. My life feels happier. I am full of energy and I am actually getting healthier and on the road to being cured. I now meditate, do yoga and go to the gym."

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Happy Mama

Mindful Meditations

Mindful Meditations

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