There’s a change coming, mamas.

A transformation in the way we talk about, support and honour motherhood.

A new way of holding space for women as they navigate the early years of motherhood.

A much-needed and long over-due change.

And you can feel it.

You hear about this new way – matrescence and the transformative power of motherhood – and you want in.

You want all in.


Perhaps you’re already working with mamas, but you know there’s a deeper level of support you want to share.

Perhaps you’ve got a vision of something – a yoga class, a local community gathering, an online business – but you don’t feel ready enough.

Perhaps you’ve been through your own rebirthing through mamahood, and feel the deep calling to get out there and share what you’ve been through.

No matter what has brought you here, one thing is clear:

You are a change-maker, a space holder.

You are a part of this new movement of matrescence.

You have something unique to share with this world – all you need is the insight and knowledge to create your own ripple effect.

You are ready for Mama Rising.

Motherhood is a sacred and divine time in a women’s life, but for too long, it has been ignored, undervalued and brushed to one side in favour of focusing on all the masculine-based ideas of success our world seems to be built on. 


Too often, we have given all our focus to how we parent, how the child is doing, how to balance it all, and completely missed the phenomenal transformation a woman experiences as she navigates motherhood. 

I know motherhood can be the making of a woman. 

I know it is the chance to undo generation-long belief systems, and recreate yourself anew. 

And I know that if we support women through the transition of motherhood then we can change the world. 

“Heal the mother, change the world.” 

These are the words that have driven me for years – and still do. 

And the time has come to share what I have learnt – from more than 4000+ mamas and the world’s leading experts – to create a worldwide ripple of awareness.

The world needs to know this. 

And the world needs you to share it. 


Mama Rising is the ultimate training in supporting mamas. 

It will provide you with the language you need to speak directly to the women you want to work with. 

It will give you the confidence to support them in all their pain, their struggles, and the beginnings of their joy. 

It will allow you to put the collective experience of matrescence into perspective, and guide you to speak up and share it with the world. 

 No longer will you be guessing at what mamas need.

 I truly believe that each of us has been through the fire of initiation of matrescence so we can be healers, teachers and soul supporters. 

I believe that you have landed here, with me, because you’re meant to be a part of what I’m doing. 

You’re meant to stand with me, and together, change the way we honour motherhood.

And by the end of this training, you will be able to confidently support mamas in their own transformation. 

Run over 10 weeks, this is the revolutionary online training program to transform the way you support mothers. 

 Run once a year in August, join the movement to change the way we honour and support women in motherhood.

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