#193 – There’s Always Something More with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

Have you ever noticed the inner mantra that plays in circles after a tough day in motherhood? The feeling of there is always something more. The feeling that you can’t stay on top of things. The feeling that it is always up to you. We are not meant to be doing this all alone. It…


#192 – Our Birth Stories Tell a Story with Sophie Walker

Our guest today is quite the Podcast veteran. Sophie Walker is the host of the Australian Birth Stories Podcast, which has just released its 300th episodes. The journey of pregnancy and birth is an important part of the Matresence picture, and it is vital that we are not telling women that birth looks the same…


#191 – Cultural Empowerment in Matrescence with Hend ElQady

Ever since learning about matresence and the transformations it can bring, I really knew that this had the potential to resonate with Mamas all over the world. No matter what their experience has been. Yet, several thoughts rose alongside the potential matresence holds. What about cultural differences, language differences, religious differences? In getting closer to…


#190 – If I Did That, I Can Do This with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

How is it possible after so much challenge when we are hearing that voice over and over again, when we are telling ourselves I can’t do this anymore, can we actually find that trust within us that we can? We going to be okay. We can do this. When I think about this, the only…


#189 – Mothering Our Sons the New Way with Sarah Poet

What does it mean to truly remember yourself? Especially in the process of motherhood? Sarah Poet believes in transparency and integrity to build authentic relationships. And she is doing exactly that through raising her son after several awaking experiences throughout her motherhood. Listen to this inspiration interview as Amy and Sarah discuss:    The sacred remembering…


#188 – A New Return to Work Approach With Andrea Bombino

There still seems like there is so much work to do for mothers and their return to work after giving birth. My guest today deeply understands the challenges that still rise. Andrea Bombino is by anybody’s definition and incredibly ambitious and successful woman. She set her sights on creating a career at a young age…


#187 – Losing and Finding Yourself Again with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

Motherhood can be completely consuming. You can loose parts of yourself, with dreams and hopes swept up into the everyday. In this solo episode Amy explores and remembers the exact moment that she remembers feeling that core part of herself abandoned. Listen to this shorter bite sized episode as Amy talks about: The logistics of…


#186 – Love and Desire in Motherhood with Julie Tenner

There is still a stigma attached to discussions of intimacy, especially within Motherhood, within public spaces. For years we have been taught that intimacy is wrong, shamed and shut behind closed doors. This conversation bursts open the intertwine of masculine and feminine and how they can revolutionise our relationships. Julie Tenner is one of the…


#185 – Redefining Your Relationship with Catherine Hennessy

The Happy Mama Movement Podcast is dedicated to providing a balance between the insights from experts, teachers, authours and researchers from around the world around motherhood and Matresence. Within this sphere we also chat to Mamas. Mamas who are living and breathing examples of what it is like in the depths and dedicated to changing…


#184 – A Manifesto For New Motherhood with Eliane Glaser

Why, after decades of social progress, is motherhood still so much harder than it needs to be? It seems that while Mothers are trying hard to fit into all sorts of identities, while also losing their own. Eliane Glasser is a writer, mother and joins Amy for this honest and upfront conversation, including discussion about:…


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