#180 – There’s No Going Back to Normal with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

The Happy Mama Movement Podcast is back for 2022. And while many aspects of our lives are similar to last year, there are many parts which are still not quite the same. This episode extends on the thoughts of the last two years, checking in to see if, you too, are holding your breath, waiting…


The Single Mother’s Social Club with Jacinta Tynan

There are many aspects of Motherhood that crack us right open. Some more expected than others. When Amy Taylor-Kabbaz became a single mother last year, it wasn’t the plan. You hope, assume you are bound stronger, and it can feel like a societal failure to admit that it just isn’t working anymore. Although incredibly hard,…


You’re Allowed to Not Be Okay with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

In this Solo episode Amy talks straight from the heart. It’s raw, honest, up front and comforting to hear that we are indeed not alone in our Matresence journey. Amy touches on: The Mask of Motherhood, including how it can perpetrate a similar pattern and story if pretend that we’ve got it all together. Acknowledging…


#177 An Uber, An Air BnB and a Surrogacy Journey with Anna McKie

Sometimes there are conversations which surprise you, fascinate and delight you and that send you a bit sideways in how they relate to your very own journey. The conversation between Amy and Anna McKie is exactly that. This is a conversation which allows tears, laughter, intrigue, lots of wow moments and a memorable and inspirational…


#176 Your Body Keeps Score with Claire Obeid

Join Amy Taylor-Kabbaz as she talks intimately to one of her long time friends about how the body keeps the score and trauma that shows up and often rises in Motherhood, especially in the 4th Trimester and beyond. Claire lives and breathes her very mission. Living a life in alignment, inner attunement and embodied transformation…


#175 Our Lives Are Not Linear with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

For a lot of my motherhood journey I don’t think I came to a deep understanding of how much our lives change and the benefit of trying not to make my life fit into doing, getting and being ‘better’. In this conversation I touch on: taking stock of where you are and seeing that, quite…


#174 – Heal the Mother Heal the Child with Susy O’Hare

My guest today presents a real, raw, honest conversation about how, when we enter Motherhood and especially the 4th trimester, the triggers can come right up and be one of the biggest hurdles when it comes to mothering. You will hear: how our children are our mirrors and how sitting with ourselves and looking within…


#173 The Potential of Empowered Mothers with MR Facilitator Gladys Kangau

You are about to meet one of my favourite people, Gladys Kangau. She was the successful recipient of Mama Rising scholarship and you will hear why spread throughout this conversation. Gladys is changing the world and reminds me every single day of what is possible in this world. We touch on: the misalignment of postpartum…


# 172 – From Maiden to Mother with Sarah Durham Wilson

Often you meet a soul that seems to talk directly to you, deepen your understanding and question life itself. For me, Sarah Durham Wilson ticks all those boxes. This conversation could have easily lasted for hours. We chatted about: the way in which we are approaching motherhood and feeling lost in how to truly acknowledge…


#171 – Why We Are Afraid of Women’s Circles with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz


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