#201 – Midwifing Our Culture into a New Way with Rachelle Garcia Seliga

I feel so privileged to be able to speak to so many women around the world about how we need to do matresence differently. Even when the conversation cannot provide ‘easy’ answers. Even when we realise that, perhaps, the system is too broken. I already knew we need to honour the transition to motherhood and…


#200 – A Reflection on My Story So Far with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

This episode marks 200 episodes of the Happy Mama Movement Podcast. It has been such a journey and what an opportune moment to reflect on what I have learnt from the podcast, while also building an amazing movement of matresence. In this episode you can listen to Amy reflect on:     What success looks and feels…


#199 – Finding Your New Identity with Gemma Mercer

One of my favourite parts of spreading matresence into the world is being able to talk to these Mamas a few years after we first connected and see the massive change and transformation in them, in their sense of self, their happiness within themselves. My guest today is no different. Gemma Mercer is a Mama…


#198 – The Truth of the Embodied Feminine in Motherhood with Jenna Ward

Every single time I have these conversations, I learn more and go deeper and my conversation with Jenna Ward did not disappoint. Jenna is a feminine embodiment for women and coaches who value sensitivity and sensation, and this exchange is practical and profoundly inspiration. Listen as we discuss: Catching up with ourselves, our emotional energy…


#197 – Finding Peace with Breastfeeding with Erin Bailey

The topic of breastfeeding is often a controversial one, with it recently becoming a hot topic, again. It is such an intense topic, full of emotions and personal moments of healing. Erin Bailey is a Holistic Nutritionist, Naturopath, breastfeeding advocate and counsellor. What this conversation is really about, is how there is still an immense…


You’re a Woman Too with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

Amy contemplates how her experience of matresence has not always felt equal and balanced. There have been times throughout where it has felt okay and other times it has not. Motherhood can squish you and you hit the maternal wall, it demands all and more of us. And therefore, other parts of us are unable…


#195 – Pelvic Floor Healing with Lisa Fitzpatrick

Conversations present a myriad of opportunities, and the Happy Mama Movement Podcast is no exception. My conversation today lit an absolute fire in my belly and blew my mind to new possibilities and conversations I hadn’t yet thought about. Lisa Fitzpatrick is a registered physiotherapist and trains others in pelvic floor and hormone balancing. Listen…


#194 – Honouring the Seasons of Motherhood with Layla O’Mara

Maybe matresence is so hard to define because of the vastly different experiences a woman can have from birth to birth. My guest today, Layla O’Mara is no exception. Layla had two of her children in Germany and her third in her hometown of Ireland. That led her on the journey towards matresence activism and…


#193 – There’s Always Something More with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

Have you ever noticed the inner mantra that plays in circles after a tough day in motherhood? The feeling of there is always something more. The feeling that you can’t stay on top of things. The feeling that it is always up to you. We are not meant to be doing this all alone. It…


#192 – Our Birth Stories Tell a Story with Sophie Walker

Our guest today is quite the Podcast veteran. Sophie Walker is the host of the Australian Birth Stories Podcast, which has just released its 300th episodes. The journey of pregnancy and birth is an important part of the Matresence picture, and it is vital that we are not telling women that birth looks the same…


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