Ep #138: Balance and other BS with Felicity Harley

Balance is all BS, right? We’re mamas and women, we’ve chased that dream and realised it was a pipe dream. Right? It seems many of us are still not 100% clear on this. Even though we’ve heard the stats and know the reality, many of us are still believing that if we worked harder, got…


Ep #137: The power of a village with Jean Dawkins

We’re meant to gather in a village, hearing from the elders, passing down our own knowledge and receiving wisdom from others. But we’ve lost that village – and that wisdom. So, what happens when you move through motherhood without an understanding of what’s happening to you, and how you are changing? And what happens when…


Ep #136: Mama Q&A – Negative Thought and Changing the Momentum

A big part of my work with mamas over the past six years has been online group coaching and online women’s circles. We gather together, sometimes monthly, sometimes weekly, to reflect, learn and grow together – it has been one of the greatest gifts of my work. In these calls, mamas get to know one…


Ep #135 – Resisting the rush back to normal with Alisha Lynch

As lockdowns begin to change around the world, and as isolation rules slowly begin to ease, there is a call for us all to return to ‘normal’ life. But what if the ‘normal’ we were living isn’t what we want anymore? What if, during these weeks of isolation, we’ve liked slowing down, saying no to…


Ep #134 CALMCAST: Pregnancy and birth during COVID-19 with Nadine Richardson

Pregnancy and childbirth can bring its own special type of worry – so much of what is to come is unknown. In fact, in many ways, preparing for birth is a lot like preparing for motherhood: a daily practice of surrendering the need to know, and trusting your instincts. But pregnancy and birth in the…


Ep #133: CALMCAST Intimacy and Relationships in isolation with Isiah McKimmie

Over the past few weeks, I have listened to hundreds of mamas’ experience of isolation – what is stressing them out, and what they are loving. And one of the worries that is coming up a lot is: relationships and intimacy. When everyone is packed into a home, and the kids are underfoot all day long,…


Ep #132: CALMCAST: Solo parenting in isolation with Lisa Corduff

Everyone’s experience of this intense time in history is unique – but there are, of course, some common themes, especially when it comes to mamahood. The intensity of everyone at home; The pressure to entertain and teach; The lack of personal space, and the reminder, again, of how difficult it can be to even pee…


Ep #131: CALMCAST – Fair and Equal Balance in the Home with Eve Rodsky

In this special CALMCAST episode, I interview Eve Rodsky, author of Fair Play, a worldwide phenomenon (and Reese Whitherspoon’s book club pick) that teaches a revolutionary way of redefining the invisible work so many women do, and rebalance who does what in the home. And as we all hunker down in our homes, trying to…


Ep #130 – SPECIAL CALMCAST: Calling in all who have come before us

For today’s special CalmCast episode, I want to share with a very special meditation I created for a group of mamas recently. As we all try to navigate our way through this time, we gathered together, on a live call, to support each other… and as part of that call, I shared a meditation I have…


Ep #129 – SPECIAL CALMCAST: We are Being Remade with Beth Berry

These are uncertain times… but there are answers for us, mamas. There may not be answers for when this will be over, and what the greater effect will be, but there are answers that can bring peace, hope, and resilience.  For the coming weeks, and as long as we all need it, I am going to…


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