#211 – The Beauty Load of Motherhood with Nicole Mathieson

Our appearance is one aspect of who we are, it is not all of who we are and throughout the journey of matresence there is still a fuzzy line which is delivered as our body undergoes significant changes and levels of acceptance. My guest today is Nicole Mathieson who has impacted the lives of thousands…


#210 – The 2nd Inner Split with Anna Cusack

What does matresence look and feel like when you are aware of what is approaching? When you have the knowledge and understanding that many of us do not have before being engulfed into the fourth trimester? How is it different for each pregnancy? How can we prepare for the changes that are coming? Curious questions…


#209 – The Ritual of Grief with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

Can we talk for a moment about grief? I don’t think it’s something we do very well because so often we see our future in a certain way and letting go can be really hard work. Listen as I reflect on a recent conversation I had and talk about: What happens when you experience the…


#208 – Motherhood Minus the Medals with Helen Bryce

Helen Bryce is a poet, writer, mother of four and outward feminist. Her collection of poetry, Motherhood Minus the Medals, writes from a point of view of how invisible, unseen, uncelebrated, unvalued and unsupported motherhood can be within the systemic patriarchs of society. This conversation demonstrates how many different layers and factors we experience daily…


#207 – The Imperfect Beauty of Motherhood with Cathy Spooner

When we can be kinder to ourselves as mothers, we have a much nicer experience of motherhood. Sounds simple, right? There’s a lot of talk around being a conscious mother and conscious motherhood, but what does it really mean? After the conversation with my guest, Cathy Spooner, today I think you’ll be surprised to find…


#206 – Matrescence Will Change the World with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

The Mama Rising Movement was born out of a desire to revolutionise the way motherhood is seen, valued and supported in this world because the world really needs mamas to rise. Since it’s birth four years ago I have wanted to tell stories of matresence far and wide, wanted to see success for women and…


#205 – What Happens When We Miss the Rites of Passages? with Kamya O’Keefe

It excites me continuously that more and more people are starting to talk within the matresence space and my guest today is no different. Kamya O’Keefe is a senior facilitator of Rites of Passage programs and a mentor to women coaches and leaders. She creates safe held respectful individual and group circles and rites of passage programmes.…


#204 – The Matrescence of Miscarriage with Katrina Thompson

One of my dear mentors, Jane Hedwick Collins often says that every pregnancy results in a birth and shows the mother, what she most needs to know for the next season of her life. Miscarriage and early pregnancy loss impacts us in ways which are definitely underacknowledged and we need to be having more conversations,…


#203 – It Will Come with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

Matresence creates waves of change. Big, small, monumental and profoundly significant. Within this change, we also often have a strong desire to step into the next season of life. Because, matresence also creates dreams, desires, hopes and and yearning. Listen to this solo episode where Amy observes how matresence has taught her and thoughts surrounding:…


#202 – Not Another F*ing To-do List with Dr Jacqueline Kerr

When I listened to the TEDx talk in preparation for this conversation, I was moved to tears because my guest, Jacqueline Kerr, really brings to light what Mum burnout looks like. And it has absolutely nothing to do with how much is on her to do list. Please note – there is discussion around suicidal…


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