#221 – Perceptive Parenting with Elena Brower

Our children are a vital source of creativity and future vision. And a big part of our parenting involves reconnecting to yourself so you can connect to them differently, and be the parent you’ve always dreamed of being. Today’s guest is by far one of the most inspiring women I have the privilege of knowing. She…


#220 – Who Does She Think She Is? with Pamela Tanner Boll

Day in, day out I hear stories from mothers all over the world about just how difficult they find it to balance their own needs, desires, creative expressions, dreams with the reality of motherhood. If you’ve been listening to this podcast and my work for a while, this is of no surprise to you. It…


#219 – It’s Time to Stop Gaslighting Ourselves with Amy Taylor Kabbaz

Today I want to explore an idea with you. Something that has been permeating within me ever since I had a divine conversation with Nicole Matheson on her new book, The Beauty Load (episode number 211). During that conversation we talked about how we often gaslight ourselves and each other when it comes to the…


#218 – Matrescence as a Practice with Fleur Chambers

I am continued to be surprised at how much I can learn within every single conversation each week for the Podcast. I already believe with every essence that the conversations around matresence are powerful and transformational, yet I am blown away at how much more expansion there is within ourselves, and this week was no…


#217 – When Your Child Needs You More Than You Were Prepared For… With Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

I’ve been reflecting a lot over the last few years and began having the conversations with women and mamas around me about the process of acceptance, grief and surrender that we go through when we realise our children will need us more than we expected when we started out on this journey. It’s a tough,…


#216 – The Waking Up of the Activist with Grace Gulley

It is so very powerful within the work that I do when women wake up and say, enough is enough. And Grace Gulley is certainly healing and using her voice to stand strong in her advocacy for mothers, mental health and fighting against the systems that oppress mothers and caregivers. Grace experienced a somewhat unexpected…


#215 – Motherhood as a Spiritual Assignment with Melissa Ambrosini

Motherhood can start with a whisper, an inkling and desire. And it goes all the way through to the other side. Melissa Ambrosini had a long and deeply personal journey to get pregnant and after thinking it would happen quickly, had to devote and commit to the spiritual assignment alongside a deep yearning to be…


#214 – Mothering with ADHD with Jodie Garth

I am blown away by the women who walk the journey alongside me and turn challenges into something they can share with others. Jodie McGrath does exactly that through sharing her current journey alongside light bulb moments and an adult diagnosis of ADHD. Listen as Amy and Jodie discuss: Finding other ways to get things…


#213 – Is This Still What I Want? with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

Matresence brings up time and time again many questions of who am I? What do I want to do with my life? What is our own definition of being a good mother? And ultimately, is this still what I want? The period of questioning everything, who we are and what we want is part of…


#212 – Stepping Back to Heal with Sam Murrell

It can take some real reprogramming in order to stop, slow down and listen. Motherhood sparks a drive which often sees up pursue new adventures, businesses, lifestyles – the true beauty and complexities of matresence. It’s that internal struggle when matresence is activated – part of us that is ambitious, focused, ready and rearing to…


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