Ep 37 – What if there was a different way to look at it?

When your Inner Mean Mama Voice is constantly telling you negative things, it’s easy to spiral down into the negative. But what if there was a different way to look at it? What if, in the lead up to Christmas, you changed the way you looked at all you had to do, and turned it…


Ep 36 – Two minutes to true wellness with Lizzy Williamson

Lizzy Williamson knows the darkness of post-natal depression. As the mama of two little girls, she was so consumed by PND that she found herself contemplating ending her life. But with the most amazing resilience and support, she found her way back to true wellness – two minutes at a time. This is one of…


Ep 35 – Finding the real you with Melissa Camara Wilkins

If we’re not careful, we can end of chasing a life that isn’t our own. That’s what Melissa Camara Wilkins, mama to six and creator of the free mini-course ‘Find Yourself‘ discovered when she was a new mama: she was so busy doing what she thought she ‘should’ be doing, she had totally lost her…


Ep 34 – Resetting your mindset

In episode #32, we looked at how our mindset is the key to how we experience motherhood, womenhood and life. In this follow up episode, Amy outlines how, once you start to understand your current mindset, you can begin to reset it – and change your life. 


Ep 33 – Digging deep with Lucy Good

Lucy Good knows all too well what it means to dig deep and find your inner strength. As a single mama, she’s had to navigate the world of parenthood while also figuring out who she is now she’s on her own. But this episode is about more than just single mamahood – it’s about resilience,…


Ep 32 – What’s mindset got to do with it?

It’s very common to look at your mindset – your belief systems and values – when it comes to money and business. But have you ever stopped to think about your mindset in the rest of your life? How is what you believe affecting your life, mama? Here, Amy reflects on her own realisations and…


Ep 31 Kate Northrup on money and motherhood

While we all know and expect that mamahood will change us in so many ways, often one area of our lives which might be a bit of a shock is how we feel about money after babies come along. Here, best-selling author and money guru Kate Northrup talks about money, mamahood and how to manage…


Ep 30 – Releasing expectations

What if the story you are carrying in your mind about what your life ‘should’ look like was causing you to miss how beautiful your life really is? In this episode, Amy answers a listener’s email about expectations, and how to really be present with your life as it is right now. 


Ep 29 – The reality of being a zen mama with Jacinta Tynan

After the birth of her first son, Jacinta Tynan sparked a nation-wide uproar when she wrote a column saying she found new mamahood ‘easy’. But another son, single parenthood, and the realities of raising two boisterous boys later – is she still feeling like Mother Zen? She shares her greatest lessons with Amy in this…


Ep 28 – Your kids don’t need perfectionism

There isn’t a mama in the world who doesn’t wish she didn’t snap at her kids. But is expecting perfectionism actually good for our children? If we think about what our greater role is in raising our children, isn’t there a very important lesson in NOT getting it right for our kids? Here, Amy reflects…


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