Ep 52 – The responsibility of self-care

We already have so much on our plate each day, the idea of adding in more is often too much to handle. Add in more that is all about getting more rest, more time off, more self-care? Impossible. At least that’s what we tell ourselves, right? Here’s the thing – our self-care, happiness and connection…


Ep 51 – The grit to face anything with Sally Obermeder

Imagine at 41 weeks pregnant, about to become a first-time mama, you are suddenly whisked in for tests after tests for a lump you’ve discovered in your breast. And imagine just hours later, you’re told you have aggressive breast cancer, and treatment must start immediately if you are to survive. It’s a harrowing thought, but…


Ep 50 – Why can’t I slow down?

“Why can’t I just allow myself to sit down and relax? Why do I always feel like I need to be doing more?” This was a question from a Happy Mama recently, and it prompted Amy to look at our addiction to busyness, and why we find it so hard to allow ourselves to just…


Ep 49 – Resilience and faith in the face of anything with Amy Molloy

How do you trust life, if life seems to keep throwing you challenges? How do you believe in the bigger picture when the present feels so overwhelming? These are the questions author, journalist and mama Amy Molloy has spent most of her life seeking the answers to. After facing her own traumatic life events early…


Ep 48 – Social media and mindfulness: how to disconnect to connect

It’s the ultimate love/hate relationship of modern times, isn’t it? Our love of being connected, and our hate of being always connected. Hundreds of mamas have shared with me their struggles with social media: they feel addicted, they know it takes them away from their family, they don’t know how to switch off. So how…


Ep 47 – Make Anxiety your Superpower with Katie Dean

What if that awful anxious feeling inside your chest was actually a messenger – trying to get your attention, and tell you something important? As so many of us continue to feel the rising stress of day-to-day life, learning how to befriend your anxiety and not let it rule your life is paramount to our…


Ep 46 – What if everything was always working out for you?

What would happen if we viewed everything – and I mean everything – in our lives as a gift? How would it feel to know that everything is working out for you, all of the time, no matter how tough it feels in the moment? This has been a life-changing shift in focus for Amy…


Ep 45 – Connecting wth the feminine with Peta Kelly

Before children, we can be consumed with our own ideas of success and happiness. The world we live in can be very masculine, and the way ‘forward’ is often a masculine road. But motherhood changes all of that, and no-one knows that better than the hugely successful new mama Peta Kelly. A self-made millionaire by…


Ep 44 – Work and the Hidden Shame of Judgement

One of the greatest struggles for mamas at the moment is the belief that when we return to work, we need to pretend we are not mothers. To be successful, we have to be just like everyone else, and just like we were before kids. And if we aren’t, we’ll be judged. But how do…


Ep 43 – The transformative power of motherhood

Imagine you’re a go-getting, ambitious woman, having completed all the ‘right’ studies and followed the ‘right’ path. You were ticking all the boxes. But then, something started to stir inside you, saying ‘is this really it?’ And once mamahood came along, that stirring turned into a calling. This is what happened for my two guests…


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