Ep# 164 – Changing the Way we Birth with Jerusha Sutton

How we birth matters. Not because of the way our babies enter the world – at home, in surgery, caesarean or water birth – but because the entry into this rite of passage must be empowering for the mother… otherwise, her entry into Matrescence begins with fear. And when you look at the statistics of…


Ep #163 – Starting Conversations in your Community with Linda Anderson

Gather a group of women together, give them language to understand what they’ve been through, and watch what happens: they heal each other. As women, we’re meant to gather together, sharing our stories as well as our solutions. It’s part of the rites of passage of women – reflection, discussion, being held. But when we…


Ep #162 – Leadership in Motherhood with Omara Evertz

As a mama, you are a leader.You set the tone of your family, you lead them through challenges, you hold the vision of who they can be.That is a true leader. But in our current culture of Super Women and Perfectionism, we often think leadership is an ‘outside’ thing – something we have to build…


Ep #161 – The Maternal Mandate and the Assumptions of Motherhood

This podcast episode is a recording of a live workshop I presented and had such a beautiful reaction to, I wanted to share with you all. Just take a look at the comments that came through, and you’ll see why: Patrycja: Thank you Amy. This was very reassuring. For a while I felt there was…


Ep #160 – You do you, and let them be them with Laurie Gerber

Oh the best-intentioned wishes and hopes we hold for our children!It’s part of the surrender of motherhood, isn’t it?We hope our children will be happy and healthy, but in actual fact, we have a pretty clear idea on what that looks like. And it’s no different for ourselves. Have you ever thought that the key…


Ep #159 – It’s not about self-care anymore

Many years ago, I started with self-care. At the time, it was the only way I could see my way out of where I was: deep in mamahood. But it was also the only answer there was. We didn’t understand why we felt the way we did as women and mothers. Back then, we thought…


Ep #158 – Let the warrior energy rest

It’s been a year of deep challenges for so many of us. Who would have thought that this year would bring a global pandemic that has turned so much of our cultural systems, the way we live the way we even think about our lives, completely upside down. And all of that came after one…


Ep #157 – Honouring the Maiden in Motherhood with Kell Casey

We’re told that matrescence is the transformation from Maiden to Mother – but do we really leave the maiden energy behind? Once we’re a mother, are we never again able to connect to that young, free, creative side of ourselves? The answer, of course, is no.Of course we must honour and connect with that free…


Ep #156 – Underneath the role of mother with Rebecca Rylands

Yes, of course you’re a mother. And that role affects every single part of your life. But we don’t just show up fresh to mamahood, without our own stories, traumas, dreams and hopes. Underneath our role as a mama, we’re also a whole woman…and unless we allow the time and space to consider what’s underneath…


Ep #155 – Why we don’t ask for help

So if we accept we’re not meant to do this alone, then why don’t we ask for more help? If we understand, on a conscious level, that the Motherload and the Third Shift is unfair and unbalanced, then why don’t we speak up more often and lean on those around us? This is something I’ve…


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