#230 – The Power of Small Pleasures – With Regan Figg

Welcome Mamas. While the demands of motherhood and other responsibilities can be overwhelming at times, taking time for simple pleasures can help you stay grounded and maintain a positive mindset. and to remember that the enjoyment of these simple pleasures is not a luxury, but a necessity for your mental, emotional, and physical health. Incorporating…


#229 – “Why Don’t You Want Kids?!” – with Ruby Warrington

Welcome Back, Mamas! Why would a podcast about Matrescence and the experience of becoming a mother interview the author of a book about women WITHOUT kids? Because, as you’ll hear in this fascinating conversation with author Ruby Warrington, as women, we are all facing the same questions and assumptions of who we should be and…


#228 – A call to action for mamas this International Women’s Day with Yemi Penn

Welcome back, Mama’s. We have something special and incredibly inspiring to celebrate and acknowledge this year’s International Women’s Day’. A power-house of grace and steadfastness. The ever wonderful, Yemi Penn, is my guest this week and brings her passion and insight to us with such eloquence and gusto. Yemi Penn is a Global Thought Leader…


Mama Q #1 – with Elise Clement

Welcome back, Mamas! This week we have something a little bit different for you. A response to the many many questions we get asked as Mama Rising Facilitators every day. A session made just for you. And it’s called ‘Mama Q’. Every few weeks, we will take one mama’s submitted question (through the Mama Rising…


#226 – ‘Not Acknowledged, Not Seen’ – with Nathalie Biviano

Welcome back, Mamas. This world is very often telling us that our value comes from our achievements, the grades we get, the awards we receive, the attention we get, and the level of income we provide. We have been raised this way, believing this is right and this is how it should be. Status, merit,…


#225 – ‘How Images of Motherhood Affect Us’ – with Rachel Larsen Weaver

Welcome back, Mamas. For many mothers who really feel the creative impulse, the act of making art is not only a means of preservation but also a form of self-expression and a way to explore their own identity, not to mention a way to make a living. Having children is a transformative experience that can…


BONUS EPISODE – Becoming a Matrescence Activist – with Amy Taylor Kabbaz

Welcome Mamas!!! Today I have a special BONUS Podcast Episode for you. This episode is a sincere introduction to the Philosophy and practices behind Matrescence. It is a breakdown of the need to educate and assist mothers who are not being supported or valued in a way that recognizes their essential and irreplaceable role. The…


#224 – “Can We Ever Really Prepare?” – with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

Welcome Mamas to this week’s Happy Mama Movement Podcast episode. After years of building a successful business around assisting and educating women to better understand themselves and the world we live in, one questions that I am often asked is around the theme of better preparing for what’s to come. Most of us have read…


#223 – Can Mothers Really Do Less? – With Kate Northrup

Welcome back Mamas! Thank you so much for finding your back way here for our first episode of 2023. On this occasion, I have the privilege of interviewing Kate Northrup, the author of the fantastic book, ‘Do Less’. A book about breaking down the established masculine structures, that are pushing us to do more, climb…


#222 – Needs vs Feeds with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

Welcome to the final episode for 2022. How are you? I mean, really how are you? I know it’s cliché, but my goodness we have all been through a lot over the last three years. And this has created a sense of one thing after another, after another. As we pause at the end of…


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