#202 – Not Another F*ing To-do List with Dr Jacqueline Kerr

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When I listened to the TEDx talk in preparation for this conversation, I was moved to tears because my guest, Jacqueline Kerr, really brings to light what Mum burnout looks like. And it has absolutely nothing to do with how much is on her to do list.

Please note – there is discussion around suicidal ideation within this interview so please be mindful if this is right for you and check in with yourself, reaching out to others if required.

Within this discussion, Amy and Jacqueline explore:

  • Standing in the position of being triggered by several experiences and situations which lead us to feeling that we are not being able to show gratitude and thank others.
  • How our body can tell us that we need a new life, do things differently and the serious consequences that can happen if we push it down considerably.
  • The systematic, cultural, societal and individual change that needs to happen in how much we ask of mothers.
  • The conditions of burnout – including lack of reward, injustice, value conflicts, autonomy to name a few.

This episode reminds us that changes are going to need to come on all levels, from big cultural ones to small individual lenses. To watch the TEDx talk mentioned in this episode please visit https://youtu.be/9YY0gVnVPoQ which is a wonderful support to this conversation.

If you would like a deeper understanding of matresence and how we support women differently, Mama Rising facilitator training opens just once a year. For early offers and to join the 5 days to a motherhood revolution event before August, please jump the link below to join the wait list. https://mamarising.net/mama-rising-waitlist/

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ATK - Podcast Branding V02-02


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