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podcast Mar 12, 2019

"Again and again and again I recognise the stunning beauty in pain. And the outrageous gift that is motherhood - in all its tiresome, messy and unsure glory."

These are the words of mama, business woman and my beautiful friend, Lisa Corduff. When I read these words recently, I immediately reached out to Lisa and insisted we jump on a call as soon as possible to discuss.

How can we remember the stunning beauty in pain, struggle, overwhelm, suffering?

How do we prioritise ourselves as women when our family or our loved ones need us so much?

Can we really trust that everything is happening for the best?

These are just some of the divine questions I put to Lisa - and her answers will flaw you. As I say in the introduction to this episode, listen with a notepad and pen, mamas. This is a keeper.

To follow all of Lisa's insights into motherhood, business and life, visit Small Steps Living or Lisa Corduff.

And share. Please share with mamas and friends everywhere. The world needs this conversation to go far and wide.

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