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podcast Aug 07, 2018

It's very nice to think that we can think positive thoughts, live more in the flow of life, and everything will still get done. It's lovely to believe that we can find a balance between all the action that is required of us, and the slower life-style we crave. But how do we get all-the-things done?

Staying organised is a must for mamas of young children, but so too is learning to switch off our addiction to busyness, and trust the Universe a little more. In this episode, Amy talks to Kelly Pietrangeli, mama, author and organisational guru, about the day-to-day tools to stay in aligned action, but also work with the Laws of Attraction. Part practical, part inspirational, this is the podcast for mamas who want to be on top of things, but are sick of being ruled by their to-do list.

You can find all of Kelly's amazing resources and tools to live a more organised and aligned life at her website.

Understanding what matrescence is and how to navigate it is like being handed a map. 

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