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podcast Jul 24, 2018

We're not getting enough rest - that much is obvious. We prioritise the housework, our emails and social media over sleep, and we worship busy-ness over slow living. Is it any wonder we're so burnt out and disconnected from what's important?

But rest is not just a matter of getting more sleep - it's a shift in how we prioritise our lives. And that's takes courage.

Karen Brody is a mama, playwright, author of 'Daring to Rest', and creator of the 'Daring to Rest Academy'. It is her life mission to share the phenomenal benefits of yoga nidra: the sleep of the yogi. After seeing first-hand the healing power of this ancient technique, she has been daring men, women and families all over the world to rethink rest.

In this episode, Karen shares how yoga nidra works (it's more than that quick nap at the end of a yoga class), how to do it quickly and easily in your busy life, why women struggle so much to prioritise rest, and how feminism has caused us to push beyond our limits.

You can read all about her work, and download a yoga nidra meditation to start your rest practice, at her website.

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