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podcast May 08, 2018

We already have so much on our plate each day, the idea of adding in more is often too much to handle. Add in more that is all about getting more rest, more time off, more self-care? Impossible. At least that's what we tell ourselves, right?

Here's the thing - our self-care, happiness and connection is our responsibility. Harsh, but true. We can not keep waiting for something to happen, or something to stop happening, for us to finally prioritise ourselves. It doesn't work like that - I should know. I kept pushing myself to the bottom of my priority list, and it cost me. My health, and my happiness.

In this podcast episode, I talk about how we can start to accept the responsibility of our own happiness and health right now, no more excuses. I also look at a simple mind shift that switches your understanding of the importance of things like sleep, exercise, food and meditation, and how you can start doing more of this straight away.

Understanding what matrescence is and how to navigate it is like being handed a map. 

Once you’ve got the map, the journey gets easier... and really, really exciting. Because it’s the making of you.

Get your Matrescence Map here - a six page ebook to empower you to understand why you feel the way you do, and the first steps to take. 

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