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podcast Sep 05, 2017

What is happiness? We spend most of our life trying to chase being 'happy', but what is it really anyway? Most of us spend a lifetime pursuing the illusion of happy, but never realise that it's always available to us, right now. Ali Walker is a PhD, mama to two, and author of the book 'Get Conscious'. Here, she shares with Amy how her studies into consciousness and happiness led her to examine her own happiness, and how motherhood has taught her what her studies could never do.

Understanding what matrescence is and how to navigate it is like being handed a map. 

Once you’ve got the map, the journey gets easier... and really, really exciting. Because it’s the making of you.

Get your Matrescence Map here - a six page ebook to empower you to understand why you feel the way you do, and the first steps to take. 

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