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Ep #133: CALMCAST Intimacy and Relationships in isolation with Isiah McKimmie

Uncategorized Apr 15, 2020

Over the past few weeks, I have listened to hundreds of mamas' experience of isolation - what is stressing them out, and what they are loving. And one of the worries that is coming up a lot is: relationships and intimacy.
When everyone is packed into a home, and the kids are underfoot all day long, how do you connect with your partner?
When they are stressed about work, and you're stressed about the kids (and work), is it normal to just put the relationship on the bottom of the to-do list?
And what if you and your partner are expecting very different things from each other right now?
In this CalmCast episode, I speak with Isiah McKimmie, Couples Therapist and Sexologist about intimacy and relationships in isolation who believes that with the right tools and support, your relationship can emerge stronger than ever.
Isiah is currently offering a free day program and support group to help your relationship thrive during this challenging time.
You get practical, actionable tools to help you:
  • Rebuild connection
  • Diffuse tension
  • Create intimacy
  • Bring the fun and playfulness back to your relationship
Each activity takes less than 15 minutes.
You’ll get:
  • Playful, practical exercises each day for 21 days to build intimacy and connection
  • Live group coaching calls
  • Expert interviews and advice
  • Bonus resources and tips
You can join at any time - there’s no specific start date.
You’re also welcome to join even if your partner doesn’t want to. You’ll still get benefits by joining the group and implementing the advice alone.

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