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podcast Feb 18, 2020

Your body is always talking to you. Always.
Whether its PMS, or anxiety, or your hair is falling out, there are so many clues and signs your divinely designed body is giving you.
But most of us do not listen or take note.
We're taught to whisper about a woman's body;
We're taught to be embarrassed by what our body does and ignore the natural cycles of our hormones.
And in turn, we grow up out of alignment with what it really means to be a woman.
Dr Nat Kringoudis calls herself a 'detective of women's body' - and she is. As a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and specialist in women's hormones and fertility for a very long time, she can put together what's out of alignment with your body from following a trail of symptoms.
But at the core of her message is -
we need to learn our body's ways.
We need to understand our cycles, live in accordance with what works for us, and end this cycle of judgement and depletion.
Not only for ourselves - but for our children too.
You can learn more about how you can get back in balance at

Understanding what matrescence is and how to navigate it is like being handed a map. 

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