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podcast Oct 22, 2019

Early motherhood brings a total shift of focus - from you as a woman and a partner, to Mother. We get that. We know that’s part of the process.

But after a while, you begin to realise that maybe, just maybe, you need to start shifting that focus back onto yourself a little - and your relationship. How do you reunite again, after being so focused on being a mama? How does the massive shift inside you translate to how you feel about your partner?

Over the years, the strain of trying to be Super Woman and juggle all the things began to show in my relationship. There were many times when I was filled with resentment that I was the one who shouldered so much. We both did our best, but it wasn't what it should be.

And I didn't know how to reconnect in a new way.

That is, until a simple sentence explaining what we, as women, really need began to change it all.

In this episode, I honestly share how things have changed in my relationship, and invite you to join in a special short online course to redefine your relationship - in a very powerful way.

**The REUNITE course is no longer available, but you can view my other programs here.


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