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podcast Oct 08, 2019

It’s so easy to decide that now is not the right time.

Motherhood, household chores, school holidays, deadlines, illnesses… there’s always something. Always.

But we have two choices -

We can choose to keep putting ourselves on hold, waiting for that perfect moment when everything lines up and the heavens open for us to GET A MINUTE TO OURSELVES…

Or we can choose to do it anyway.

We can decide that it’s good enough for now.

Today on the podcast, I was inspired to record something for you after a recent coaching session. This mama, at home with two young boys, was telling me how she decided to listen to one of my meditations in the car - even with her son in the back, watching Paw Patrol.

And in this decision, she chose to honour herself - as a woman. Beyond being a mama.


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