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podcast Sep 24, 2019

Where have they gone?

Where have those milestones, those celebrations, those INITIATIONS of womanhood gone?

They have become invisible. Forgotten and push-aside for a faster paced life. A life where we are all meant to be the same, all of the time.

To honour motherhood differently, we need to honour womanhood differently. They go hand in hand.

To change the way women feel about being a mother, we need to change the way we initiate them into the very beginnings of this whole experience:

becoming a woman, then becoming a mama, then when our children leave home, then when evolve again in menopause.

These are the initiations we have forgotten.

But the invitation is there for you now, mama...

what do you need to be honoured?

and can you give that to yourself, or seek it out, now?


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