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I have traveled oceans and crossed the world to understand this word.

I have spent years asking the questions.

I have heard the voices of thousands of mothers.

And here’s what I know for sure: matrescence is the missing link for truly understanding why women feel the way they do, and how we can revolutionise the way we think about and value motherhood. 

Understanding matrescence is the road map of your transformative journey to the woman you want to be. It’s the insight you’ve been missing. 

It’s the ignored part of womanhood.


As a journalist, I have been seeking the answers to the question ‘what happens to a woman when she becomes a mother’ for more than a decade. 

In that time, I have interviewed hundreds of authors, maternal health experts, yogis and teachers. I have been on my own personal pilgrimage to find answers to why I felt the way I did. And I have listened to thousands upon thousands of women who felt the same. 

I have the data - I know the story of the modern mother. 

I have been the anthropologist, in the trenches of early motherhood, trying to decipher why so many of us feel burnt out, overwhelmed, and addicted to being busy. 

And I have emerged from that time knowing one thing for sure: 

Without the understanding and framework of matrescence, we are abandoning mothers.

I believe that a mother understands matrescence, she becomes a powerhouse. She is grace and grit.
I believe that when we change the way mothers value what they do each day, they will own their resilience and joy and true selves.
I believe mothers are the powerhouse of this world.
I believe there is such strength in the softness and vulnerability of mothering...and we’ve dismissed it as weakness. I believe it’s time to change that and when we do, we’ll change the world.
I believe that becoming a mother is the first step on the road to truly becoming your most actualized self.
I am here to do that. 
Through my books, my podcast, my programs for mamas, and my training for women working with mamas, I am committed to transforming how we speak about, honour and value this key transformation.



As a producer with more than 15 years experience at the ABC, I bring the research and dedication of a journalist to the passion of an anthropologist and coach. Since 2013, I have trained as an Internationally Accredited Life Coach, Post-Natal Yoga teacher, and Meditation facilitator. With an Honours Degree in International Studies and a Graduate Certificate in International Development focusing on empowering women in the developing world, I have always been focused on women: why the world views us in a particular way, and what we can do about it. In 2015, having brought myself to the edge of overwhelm and burn out trying to prove I could “do it all”, I stepped away from my lifelong dream of working for the ABC to dedicate myself completely to the understanding of motherhood. I knew that what I had been through - the inner split and the burn out - was something too many of us were experiencing. And I wanted to know why. 

The search took many years, and took many paths, until I found myself in the office of Dr Aurelie Athan at Columbia University in New York in late 2018, and I finally understood what I’d been seeking all this time: 


Since then, working closely with Dr Athan, I have dedicated myself to bringing this understanding to the world. 

Over the years, there have been many teachers and influences in my life that have shaped the work I now share with the world. It is important I acknowledge them here: 

  • Dr Aurelie Athan, Columbia University, the current leader of matrescence 
  • Dana Raphael, the mother of matrescence
  • Judith Duerk and A Circle of Stones, which inspired the dedication to gathering women in Circle
  • Marianne Williamson, and in particular her Aphrodite Training and A Woman’s Worth 
  • Yogi Bhajan and his teachings on women and mothers 
  • Andrea O’Reilly and her ground-breaking teachings on Matricentric Feminism 
  • Dr Oscar Serralach and his dedication to understanding and supporting mothers differently through Post-Natal Depletion
  • Dr Catherine Birndorf, founder of The Motherhood Centre in New York, for her commitment to creating a safe space for mothers. 
  • And my teachers and mentors (both personal and through books and guidance): Rebecca Campbell, Gabrielle Bernstein, Elena Brower, Belinda Davidson, Julie Parker, Marci Shimoff, Debra Poneman and Dr Sue Morter. 

I stand on the shoulders of these women and teachers. I thank them.

In the end, after a lifetime of questioning, I can see now that all roads lead to matrescence. 

I know that understanding this transition of womanhood can and will change the world. 

I know that it’s my life’s work. 

If you’d like to be a part of this call to action to change the way we support and honour women in motherhood differently, here’s how



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