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5 days to step into your calling and revolutionise the motherhood journey

We start Monday, 1 August 2022

Ready to help women thrive in their transition to motherhood?

If your soul whispered ‘YES’, this experience is for you...

Ask any mother out there what she’d like to change about the way she was supported through motherhood...

… and you'll open the floodgates.

We all have stories about the ways we felt unseen, unheard, confused, or dismissed as mamas.

We know the way we prepare for pregnancy needs to change, and we know the secrecy and shame around miscarriage and infertility must evolve. 

We also know birth needs to be demystified, and our choices need to be respected. 

We know we need to encourage mothers to look beyond the first few days and weeks of motherhood, and instead allow them to look into HOW motherhood will change them. 

And if you've been following me for a while, you know the word “Matrescence” needs to be shouted from the rooftops! 

The fact that every single mama is able to list ways in which she wishes it had been different shows us... 

We need a REVOLUTION in the way we support and value motherhood.

It’s time for a new way

That’s why I want to invite you to a special 5-day online event where I’ll take you deep into the transition of motherhood AND what we can do to shift our communities and societies away from ignoring it…

And towards embracing it. 

Because when you heal the mother, you change the world.

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5 days to step into your calling and revolutionise the motherhood journey

We start Monday, 1 August 2022

Over the five days, you will receive live trainings on how we can revolutionise the way mothers are valued,

seen and supported.

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motherhood and her body

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motherhood and her mind

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motherhood and her relationships

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motherhood and her work

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motherhood and the world


Join me, best-selling author and Matrescence activist, Amy Taylor Kabbaz for this special online event 

Over 5-days I’ll show you how YOU can start to transform the experience of the mothers you support 

Whether you’re already working with women during the early years of motherhood, or you just feel a pull to be part of this revolution…

You’ll walk away with 5 key things you need to start sharing matrescence with your community, your audience, your clients, and the world.

It’s time to be part of the liberation of mothers and the way we view motherhood.

How this works

Contained within a closed and private Facebook Group, you will be able to watch Amy live each day for five days share an insight from her years as a motherhood coach and Matrescence researcher.

Live calls will be at 10am AEST but accessible to watch at anytime. Amy will also be in the group each day reading comments and responding to questions.


Don't have facebook?

We will upload the replays of the videos for you to watch every afternoon.

This is your chance to learn, to get connected with others, to get inspired, and to rise into this work.

“This work is greatly needed in the world right now and we need as many voices as possible whispering the words of change. It doesn't matter if you are not sure where this will lead you. Trust that if you feel called to learn more, you are being called for a reason.”

- Linda Anderson, Life Coach and Mama Rising Facilitator

“This work is so valuable and so needed in our society, and it is a privilege to share this work with the mothers in my community. Now I feel called to help women thrive in motherhood.”

- Lila Knights, Yoga Teacher Trainer and Mama Rising Facilitator

“My understanding of women and motherhood is so much deeper now. I have practical ways of supporting moms by first understanding my own journey and thus empowering me to be able to hold other women’s hands and hold space for them.”

- Wangeci Wandere Kihara, Lactation Consultant, Child Nutrition Practitioner and Mama Rising Facilitator

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5 days to step into your calling and revolutionise the motherhood journey

We start Monday, 1 August 2022